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TEC Tactical's PKM-PKT build parts are from building my own guns from parts kits. The Receiver blanks are the only receiver shells that use the same shape camming section bump to better resemble the original receivers.

TEC Tactical's FCG housing is milled from billet aluminum and uses 90% of the standard AR-15 FCG parts for easy service.  They do use a Wolff heavy spring and a custom hammer. These are the perfect thing for a Hammer fire conversion that eliminates the Spring tube that molests the buttstock on a striker fired gun. This conversion requires that the bolt and carrier me modified to Hammer fire.

We do offer a conversion service as a machine shop item.  PKM/PKT build services are for assembling your useable parts kit to a Semiautomatic firearm. With you supplying a Vltor receiver, the costs are $2500-3500 depending on the parts supplied and required work. 90% of the builds that we have completed are in the $2500-3000 range.  There are some "Mixed parts" kits or ones that require special parts to be made that can go higher in cost.  I use all USA steel rivets for assemble of the receivers.

PKM/PKT Rivet sets include the extra rivets needed for a PKT model build.  

With the current influx of parts kits, our current turn time is running 1.5-2 years.   We will group "like" parts together

when machining the same parts to cut those times down. 

Each completed build is test fired with 200 rounds of surplus steel cased ammo to check function.


Description SKU # Price
PK FCG Housing PKH $325.00
PKM/PKT Rivets PKR $55.00
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Email for current availability and shipping.    tectactical@gmail.com

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